Most business managers would agree that communications are one of the most crucial aspects of running their business. However, when it comes time to purchase voice, internet, and other telecommunications services, it is extremely easy to get lost in all the terms, price tiers, guarantees (or lack thereof), and acronyms associated with the services. On top of all that, you also need to call and shop multiple carriers while trying to sort out which ones can provide service to your location and try to ensure you are not oversold on the services you need. This can easily become overwhelming while trying to open a new business, add a location, or move services with everything else you need to deal with.

That is where our team is here to help. We are an operational division of AMG Network Hosting, LLC, a Business IT Consulting Firm located in West Virginia that has years of experience operating IT departments for businesses. Our team has overseen telecommunications services for many companies of all sizes, and we understand the budgeting, uptime requirements, and technical requirements of services we offer. We are to help you find options for services at your location and bring back custom-tailored solutions for your business. We work with you to understand your needs, and price range to look for services that you will need to run your business. We work for you to identify the carriers available, packages they offer, and put them in terms to help you compare and complete the acquisition of a new service.

If you are opening a new business, adding a new location, or looking to move carriers we are the perfect fit for you. Our services are no cost to you. Our business model results in carriers paying us a commission vs a call center for completing sales. You pay the same prices regardless, but get a better experience with TECHNICAL trained staff, versus mass call centers pushing sales.

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